Ambush Pack for Pocket Tanks Deluxe

Ambush Pack for Pocket Tanks Deluxe 1.3

Difficult to miss at a distance, very powerful with line-of-sight
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BlitWise Productions, LLC

Ambush Pack for Pocket Tanks Deluxe. The Ambush Pack - 15 weapons:
Ambush - Surrounds your opponent with cruisers;
Beehive - A swarming hive of bees that attacks if tank is too close;
Blast Off - More powerful than Jump Jets, and clears away terrain near you;
Fire in the Hole - Makes a big hole, fills it full of Napalm, then covers with dirt;
Lob-o-Matic - Missile that bombs the target when it gets close;
Rainbow Dirt - Covers a large area of terrain with a thin layer of dirt;
Super Laser - Straight laser shot, but burns through many layers of terrain (4x);
Ground Shocker - Large spread of underground tunneling missiles;
Bouncy Wall - Builds a wall made of rubberized dirt;
Lodestones - Lots of magnetic bullets;
Particle Bomb - Explodes near tank, releasing burning shrapnel in all directions;
Magic Forest - Grows a forest of mini Magic Walls;
Buckshot - Burst of little bullets that spread out the further they travel;
Quad Missile - Four small missiles release at a distance, then home in;
Carpet Bomb - Difficult to miss at a distance, very powerful with line-of-sight.

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